Days on Market (DOM)

“Days 0n Market (DOM)” in Home Staging & Interior Design:

The length of time a property remains listed before being sold. A shorter DOM indicates strong buyer interest and potentially higher selling price. Staging can reduce DOM.

The Importance of Days 0n Market (DOM) In Home Staging – Why It’s Something to Consider

Days On Market (DOM) is a metric indicating how long a property has been listed for sale. It’s a crucial indicator in home staging because a lower DOM generally suggests a more attractive and well-priced property, which can lead to a quicker sale and potentially at a higher price. Home staging plays a direct role in reducing DOM by enhancing the home’s appeal, addressing potential objections before they arise, and creating an emotional connection with buyers. A well-staged home can stand out in listing photos and during viewings, prompting faster offers.

Considering DOM in home staging involves strategic planning to ensure that the property hits the market with its best foot forward. A home that is staged before listing can attract more attention and generate a sense of urgency among buyers, thereby reducing the time it spends on the market. Stagers focus on creating a move-in-ready appearance that can influence buyers’ perceptions, making them more likely to make a prompt and competitive offer.

Tips And Best Practices When Considering Days 0n Market (DOM) In Home Staging

Days On Market (DOM) is a vital metric in real estate, indicating how long a property has been listed for sale. Best practices include:

Stage Before Listing: Complete staging before listing the property to make a strong first impression and potentially reduce DOM.

Quality Photography: Use professional-quality photos in listings to attract interest quickly.

Price Appropriately: Combined with effective staging, ensure the property is priced correctly to attract buyers and reduce time on the market.

Regular Updates: If DOM is extended, consider updating staging or making improvements based on feedback.

Market Effectively: Utilize various marketing channels to increase visibility and attract potential buyers.