Tips for Staging a Mid-Century Modern Style Home

If you want to give your house the best possible chance to sell in Los Angeles, you’ve got to stage it.

But how do you know which style will attract the most buyers? Don’t worry — one design style that seems to instantly connect with buyers is a contemporary, classic, mid-century modern design.

The mid-century modern design revolves around innovation and minimalism. It means using the least amount of stuff to get the most out of a house. Here are some tips to help you stage a mid-century modern home that can help you sell your house faster and to a buyer who will appreciate the property:

Clean Glass Windows

One of the most significant things of a truly amazing mid-century modern home is glass, whether in the form of stunning picturesque windows or large sliding doors. Before putting your house on display or before taking professional photos for the listing, do a thorough cleaning of all the windows and doors. Even a small stain can detract from an otherwise amazing place. The purpose of all this is to show potential buyers that your property is well taken care of.

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Pick Standout Showcase Pieces

Dining and living room are the areas that significantly impact buyers’ decisions. Select a few pieces there for décor to stand out. Add a dining table and an eye-catching sofa appropriate for the design era.

Mid-century modern style sectional sofas can serve as a focal point when properly finished with beautiful accent pieces. And a dining table is usually considered as a “money maker” opportunity by real estate agents. Consider how to employ each furniture piece concerning color when selecting dining chairs or a sofa. It can totally depend on your choice, but professional home stagers lean toward traditional hues and materials.

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Create A Focal Point

The addition of a few vases, potted plants, or books placed upon a mid-century modern style book rack can give the house an instant lived-in, homey feel. Arrange some mid-century modern style lamps or lighting fixtures around these strategically placed focal points features to accent them.

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Final Word

The timeless style of mid-century modern décor is popular all around the world and has a wide appeal to potential homebuyers. Keep these suggestions in mind as you prepare your mid-century modern home to put on the market. And if you want a professional home staging service, Mid Modern Designs can help you! Our design expertise and experience in mid-century modern style will help sell your house quickly in the competitive market of Los Angeles.