Why Home Staging is Important

In such a competitive real-estate market, homeowners and realtors have to take extra steps to highlight the uniqueness of their property. For sellers to create a perfect first impression, home staging is gaining popularity. Home Staging is a sure way to increase the price of a house while minimizing the selling time.

According to a 2017 staging report by the National Association of Realtors, 49% of buyers’ agents told that home staging affects how a buyer views the home. 77% of buyers’ agents believe that a well-staged home helps buyers visualize the property as their own. On the other side, 21% of the sellers’ agent reported that home staging could increase a home’s value. It increases the value between 6%, 10%, and 39% and also decreases the amount of time a house stays on the market.

Why Home Staging is Important

When there is so much to gain, it makes complete sense for sellers to put some money into staging their home. Here are some tips when looking to stage your property:

Staging is affordable.

A 2007 Home gain survey of 2000 dealers showed that sellers who have spent around $500 on staging services recovered over 343% of the price in their house sale.

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Make the Space Feel Livable

Home staging helps prospective buyers picture the space as their own. It gives the buyer the chance to envision themselves living in this completely new and foreign environment. The key to selling your home is to help prospective buyers connect with the property on a personal level. If these aren’t reasons enough to stage your house, consider these!

You will earn more!

Urban development and U.S. housing reports suggest that a staged house will sell 17% higher than an un-staged home on average.

Home staging impacts the market position of the home. Stage first!

According to a number of realtor surveys: Homes sold after staying four weeks in the market are likely to be sold 6% less than the homes sold within four weeks. Don’t put yourself in a position where you have to lower your home price, better play safe by staging your home!

A non-staged home will help sell the competition.

The competition in the market is extremely tough; the number of houses for sale increases every day, and so are buyers’ expectations. If a home is not managed well, the realtor will present it to the buyer to show what better value they can get with another property. Don’t let your house be a lousy example to help sell your competition.

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Your home will sell faster!

On average, an un-staged house stays 160 days on the market, whereas a staged house only stays 31 days.

Final Word

A staged home can effectively emphasize a property’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses. The thought behind home staging is to highlight each space and create an atmosphere that appeals to the masses. The efforts that are directed into making a vast and empty space into a comfortable home, is what ultimately connects a buyer to your property and is why staging is so important.

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