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Discover the extraordinary impact of Mid Modern Designs, the premier choice for home staging services in Calabasas, CA! Celebrated as the ‘secret weapon’ by discerning home sellers and realtors, Mid Modern Designs is your ticket to faster sales and elevated prices. In the Calabasas real estate scene, let your home be a beacon of style and allure. Engage with our home staging experts today and watch your property transform!

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Mid Modern Designs Calabasas Home Staging Reviews

Christine Regan
Christine Regan
November 23, 2022
Only hire Mid-Modern Designs if you want your listing to look better than any other! MMD fully understands not only what that particular house needs but also exactly what today's buyer is looking for.
Leah G
Leah G
September 14, 2022
The staging for our charming Venice Beach listing is simply perfect! Mid Modern Designs provides beautiful staging, outstanding service, excellent communication and very competitive pricing. I highly recommend using them!
Jennifer Stock
Jennifer Stock
September 13, 2022
Mid Modern staged my home and helped get it ready for sale. They did a beautiful job. The furniture they selected was great. Communication was good. I had a couple questions that they promptly addressed. The install and removal was seamless. Overall it was good experience and I would use them again.
September 13, 2022
Amazing service — they came in quickly and made our place look fabulous. They had a quick understanding of our mid century ranch architecture and brought in furniture that showed it off beautifully. Thanks!!
Jimmy Alastair Martinez Real Estate Inc.
Jimmy Alastair Martinez Real Estate Inc.
September 7, 2022
Julien at Mid Modern Designs has earned my trust and business by consistently providing excellent service. My clients have had only had great experiences hiring him for staging and my listings always sell fast. Thank you Julien!
Lorena Costino
Lorena Costino
September 2, 2022
I'm a realtor in the Los Angeles are and I highly recommend Mid Modern Designs for your home staging needs! Julien and his team are super professional and pleasant to work with but the best part is they have amazing taste. When you stage a home you want the style to no only go with the architecture and vibe of the house but also to go with the area. All areas in LA are unique and all bring different flavor. When a stager has a good understating of that, it means the world. Almost all my homes that Mid Modern Design has staged for me have sold quickly and above the asking price. I highly recommend them!

Home Staging Services in Calabasas, Los Angeles, CA by Mid Modern Designs

If you want to sell your Calabasas home, staging your home should be one your list of to-do’s! For buyers, how a house makes them feel is often more important than any other element. They want to walk into a space and immediately feel connected and at-ease. Staging your home with Mid Modern Designs helps to generate interest and promote your home’s sale, by making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Benefits of Home Staging

Staging your house in Calabasas is an essential part of a successful home sale. Home staging makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves in your home, thus encouraging them to get emotionally invested in the property.

In contrast, buyers find it difficult to connect when viewing an empty house or an unstaged home. When you put this difficulty on top of all the other stresses of home buying, it’s no wonder buyers prefer staged homes that make them feel welcomed.

Mid Modern Designs takes the guesswork out of home staging, so your house is prepped for a successful sale!

Calabasas Home Staging Costs

What it costs to stage your Calabasas home will depend on your house and its needs. All occupied homes should begin with a decluttering and depersonalizing process. Although you can do this yourself, hiring a professional ensures you get the best results. Staging furniture rental is also a normal home staging cost. The price of the furniture rental will vary depending on how many rooms and outdoor areas require staging and how long you need the rental furniture. With all of these costs, it generally costs anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000 to stage a home in Calabasas with staging fees larger homes exceeding $10,000.

To find out how much it would cost to stage your home, request a free quote from Mid Modern Designs today!

House Staging Jobs near Calabasas by Mid Modern Designs

Tips on Staging Your Calabasas Home

Staging a home has many components, so it can seem overwhelming. When you decide to stage your home in Calabasas, don’t miss these crucial tips:

  1. First, focus your energy on the dining room and living room, if you have to choose. Buyers give more weight to these rooms when deciding what home to purchase, so they deserve extra attention during the home staging process.
  2. Second, embrace a mid-century modern feel! Though it can be odd to give your home a different style, mid-century modern appeals to most people. Using this style throughout your home will give you the best chance of matching more buyers’ tastes.
  3. Finally, don’t be afraid of a few personal touches. You don’t want to show off your clutter, but removing all accessories from a space can make it “too tidy.” Leaving a few books and potted plants out will make your space more relatable. This can be a difficult mark to hit, so working with professional home stagers is always the best idea.

Calabasas Home Staging Checklist

Staging a home in Calabasas properly has many steps and details to pay attention to. Since buyers will evaluate every nook and cranny, you should be meticulous and thorough to get the highest home staging ROI. To ensure you cover every step, grab a free copy of Mid Modern Designs’ Comprehensive Home Staging Checklist! This amazing resource guides you through every space in your home, making suggestions and giving reminders to display your home in the best light possible. All the small details, such as cleaning out your fridge or tidying your closets, can make an enormous difference, so don’t miss out on this valuable resource.

Video from a Professional Home Staging Project by Mid Modern Designs

Home Staging Services Near Calabasas by Mid Modern Designs

Mid Modern Designs brings a flair of sophistication and excitement with home staging services in Calabasas and throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

Here’s a list of cities near Calabasas where our inspired Los Angeles home staging services are available, ready to transform homes into showcases of elegance:

Van Nuys
West Hills
Woodland Hills

Our Los Angeles Home Staging Projects

Mid Modern Designs is a Los Angeles home staging company that offers home staging services across Los Angeles and surrounding counties. We are one of the fastest growing home staging companies on the west coast.

Speak with one of expert home stagers today and request a free quote for furniture staging Los Angeles properties.

Our home staging & interior design services cover:

  • Los Angeles County
  • San Diego County
  • Orange County
  • Santa Barbara County
  • Palm Springs
  • and more!